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Cake Flavors


French Vanilla

A rich decadent, moist vanilla cake flavored with French vanilla.


Rich Chocolate

Chocolate cake made with cocoa powder and tempered rich chocolate. . This recipe is truly a chocolate lovers delight. So rich melts in your mouth!



Our vanilla cake with a twist. We add sprinkles to the mix. A colorful and fun way to dress up a solely cake. Great for children!

Cookies and Cream

Our Cookies and Cream Cake is perfect for cookie lovers. Made with a delicious blend of vanilla and Oreos, this cake takes cookie love to a whole new level.




For those who adore citrus. Our lemon cake is a must. Pair it up with a lemon curd filling and some lemon flavoured buttercream and you will be in citrus heaven.



Our Strawberry cake is a must have. A true berry lovers delight.


Red Velvet

Smooth, chocolate infused Red Velvet with a rich cream cheese filling has been popular for many years now. A must for the trendy red velvet cake lover.




Sweet Golden Treats is delighted to offer the following filling flavors for accompany your cake order.


Vanilla Buttercream

A rich and silky buttercream, sweet and delicious. Flavored with premium french Vanilla and a touch of Vanilla Bean paste.


Chocolate Buttercream

A rich and silky buttercream ,also sweet and delicious. Added to this, organic cocoa powder and chocolate ganache. It is all whipped together to form a light and airy chocolate Buttercream.


Strawberry Buttercream

Rich and silky with a hint of citrus, sweet and delicious. Fresh berries are simmered with sugar and lemon for just a hit of tartness. A true berry lovers delight.


Nutella Buttercream

A rich and silky buttercream specially made our Nutella lovers out there, we add plenty of Nutella to the mix to satisfy your hazelnut craving while maintaining a smooth buttercream.



Allergy Statement: Menu items may contain or have come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, and MILK.

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